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Save the earth – Save our future!

Trypilske kolo 2009

Second festival


Save the earth – Save our future!

Earth – the home to all mankind. Symbol of Abundance and Fertility. The Great Mother as our ancestors had called her, the blessed life giver. The love and respect for Mother Earth and care for your own mother were considered inseparable in the ancient image of the Mother-Protectress, the guardian of the entire human race.

The people of tripolsk knew: that which comes from Earth, to Earth must return – the seed, the flower and every single being that walks it’s surface… It is in her power, when the time comes, to gift as well as take away the spark of life. Generous and just is Earth and her nature. She blesses those children which respect her and bestows on them a happy, safe and comfortable life, filled with abundance and family happiness.

A love for Mother Earth is an inseparable part of a Slavic nature. Invisible web connects her children all over the world, who respect and care for our Great Mother, our home that we all share equally and which shelters us with love equally, in return.