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Crystal water – Healthy Life!

Трипільське коло 2008

First festival


Crystal water – Healthy Life!

Water - it feeds our creativity and gives us life-sustaining energy. Symbol of Life, Purity and Healing.

From time out of mind, when traveling in search of a good place to build their homes and later villages, people would look for full bodied rivers. Dnipro, Dunai and Dnistr are the three mighty rivers which ran through and fed the Trypilski lands. They flow into our lives from those ancient times and even today, the singing waters of those rivers enrich our lives. Our ancestors believed, that Water had a strong Feminine energy and so they took good care of keeping it pure for they knew that Water is one of the four powerful and primary elements. The kind and tranquil serenity of its depths can quickly turn to all consuming floods, sky-high waves and boiling waterfalls that will envelope everything in its path never to be seen again.

Each one of us has their own source from which they draw their strength. It is from there that we fill our lives with creativity, happiness and wisdom. While taking care of the rivers that feed our lands, let’s not forget about the purity of the deep undercurrent of River of Life – the river of healing and eternal renewal of our fate, our existence and our soul.