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About Festival

International Eco-Cultural festival «Trypilske kolo»


Lets make Trypillya closer!

Main concept

The aim of the festival is to bring up the real interest to the historical heritage, namely, to the Cucuteni-Tripillian culture, to present alternative ways of the family and youth vocations, re-introduce the contemporary world with the diverse ethnic traditions combining them with the newest achievements in the cultural, educational, ecological, production, managerial and other fields of human life and by doing this promote a new eco-balanced way of life in the modern world.

“Trypilske Kolo” festival has a five-year cycle and is devoted to one of the elements of nature every year: Water, Earth, Fire and Air and then a combination of all: The Parade of Elements. Each festival has its particular art, educational and social agenda.

There is a ban on smoking, drinking and drug-taking that supports one of the main principles of the festival: healthy way of life for all!

For the historical reference to the Cucuteni-Tripillian culture please, have a look to the article in Wikipedia:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cucuteni-Trypillian_culture

The main principles and aims of the festival are:

  1. Popularization of the historical heritage of the Cucuteni-Trypillian culture in accordance with the UNESCO requirements.
  2. Happy family at home and on the vocation;
  3. Healthy way of life;
  4. Eco-friendly thinking and behavior;
  5. Multicultural dialogue;
  6. Support of multiple creative initiatives.